Lille Pinel Law: we tell you about the conditions to be respected

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Are you interested in the pinel law in Lille and would you like to know the different conditions you need to meet in order to benefit from it?

In this case, we strongly suggest that you read the rest of our guide. Indeed, we will explain everything about the Pinel law in Lille.

Yes, this is definitely the device that can help you to defiscalise in a simple way. Are you interested? We tell you all about it.

All the conditions you need to meet in order to save money with the Pinel law

To begin with, if you wish to benefit from the Pinel lawIf you are not eligible for the scheme, then we strongly suggest that you invest in a flat worth less than €300,000. If this is not the case, then you will no longer be able to benefit from this scheme. Wait, that's not all! You will also have to choose a new property, or at least one that has the BBC label and the RT2012 standard. This is the case for new flats in particular. Another condition? Lille is indeed a region that is concerned by the Pinel 2017 scheme.

But in 2018, things are changing, and it is necessary to inform yourself, before investing. One last piece of advice for you: make a calculation of the maximum rent you will have to offer. In this way, you will be able to determine more easily whether the Pinel law is advantageous for you or not.

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