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If you want to start active trading now, Degiro is a great place to start. This online trading service is not limited to buying and selling stocks, bonds and other financial instruments. You can also place market orders, limit orders, price targets and stop loss orders. Degiro requires no trading knowledge before you can start using the service. And with its low fees, you won't feel short-changed by the experience either. In this article we will show you how to start trading with Degiro and if this service is right for you. If you are ready, let's get started.

What is Degiro?

Degiro is an online broker that helps investors to start trading immediately. This broker was founded in the Netherlands and operates in 11 European countries. With the help of this trading service, investors can buy and sell securities that they could not trade in person. Besides stocks, bonds and ETFs, you can also buy and sell commodities such as oil and wheat. They have traded rates with over 1,000 different commodities, so you can buy and sell everything under the sun. Degiro has no minimum investment amount and charges very low fees. The company's main source of revenue is the high volume of transactions. This broker charges fees on almost every trade you make. It charges clients fees based on their account holdings, trading volume and trading activity. Degiro's fees depend on your trading volume. If you only buy and hold securities, there is no fee. However, you can sell your stocks and bonds and incur a trading fee of 0.25 %. Many investors are attracted to Degiro because of its low costs.

What you need to negotiate with Degiro

- A bank account - You will need a bank account to open an account with Degiro. This broker does not accept cash or gift cards. - A valid email address - You will need to create an account with this email address in order to log in to the website and make trading decisions. - A name - The name of your investment will appear on your trading account. You can choose to use your first or last name. - An address - Degiro will use this address to send your trades to other investors. You can enter the name and address of the shipping company of your choice. - A copy of passport - You will need to include a copy of a valid passport in your application so that Degiro can verify your identity. - ID - Degiro will also check your ID to verify your identity. This could be useful if you are audited by the tax authorities.

How to start trading with Degiro

Visit the broker's registration page - From this page you can create an account and start trading immediately. You will need to enter your personal details and then click on 'I accept the terms and conditions'.
After that you can fill in the other details and submit your application. You can also read the broker's terms and conditions before registering. This will tell you about any limitations you may have to abide by as a trader. - Accept the broker's terms and conditions - You cannot trade without accepting the broker's terms and conditions.
You can always go back and change your mind if you do not agree with the terms and conditions. - Deposit funds into the broker's account - To start trading, you must deposit funds into the broker's account.
You can fund your account by bank transfer or wire transfer. You can also fund your account with a credit card. - Select a broker account type - When funding your account, you have the option to select a broker account type.
This will help you determine the best way to manage your funds. - Log in to your broker account - After funding your account, log in to your broker account and make the trades you want. With a broker account, you are free to manage your funds as you see fit. - Close your broker account - When you have finished trading, close your account with the broker.
After closing your account, you will have funds left in your personal account. You can use these funds as you see fit. - Deposit funds into your taxable account - If you want to save taxes, deposit the money you received from your trades into your taxable account. - Get your tax deduction - You can get a tax deduction for your trading income. This is done through the tax return form. In this form, you can declare the trading income from your taxable account.

Trading shares on the stock exchange with Degiro

If you buy a stock, bond or commodity, you can negotiate the price and quantity with the seller. This is possible with all contracts listed on this broker. Several conditions apply when you buy from another investor. You must complete a purchase agreement (CPO). In this agreement, you and the seller agree on the price, quantity, delivery date and payment terms. You can also negotiate the price and delivery date with the seller of a physical commodity.

Is trading with Degiro safe?

Degiro is a safe broker. This broker meets all the financial guidelines set by the authorities in Europe. This means that all brokers are required to comply with these regulations. Although it is rare to encounter problems with a secure broker, it is always good to be secure. If you have any doubts about the safety of your broker, you can always switch to another service. Degiro is also a regulated broker. This means that the broker is subject to strict regulations. You can always trust your money to a regulated broker. If you want to invest your money safely and responsibly, Degiro is an excellent option. Degiro also complies with the European Market Abuse Regulation (MAR). This regulation stipulates that brokers must report transaction data to the exchange that trades your shares. You can be sure that your broker does.

Benefits of trading with Degiro

Low trading fees - Trading with Degiro is very profitable. This broker charges a small commission of 0.25 % for each trade. This fee only applies if you trade a lot. The fee is waived if you do not trade at all. - Easy access to different trading tools - Degiro offers a wide range of trading tools. You can choose to trade stocks, commodities, currencies or ETFs. You can also choose between several different types of brokers. - Multiple choice of trading platforms - With Degiro you can choose between several different trading platforms. This means that you can decide which trading platform suits you best. - Stocks, bonds and commodities - With this broker you can buy and sell stocks, bonds and commodities. You can also decide what type of securities you want to invest in. - Wide range of assets - This broker offers a wide range of assets. If you want to invest in stocks, bonds or commodities, Degiro has what you need. - Easy and safe trading - Trading with this broker is very safe. This broker meets all the financial guidelines set by the authorities in Europe. This means that all brokers are required to comply with these regulations.

Disadvantages of trading with Degiro

High trading volumes - Although this broker charges a low fee, the number of trades you make determines the final amount of fees you pay. You will need to make many trades for this broker to be profitable. If you are not interested in trading on this scale, Degiro may not be the best option for you. - Limited trading tools - Although this broker offers a wide range of trading tools, some of them are outdated. For example, its charting platform is limited.


Degiro is an eToro for the Netherlands. This broker charges low fees and offers a wide range of assets to trade. You can choose between stocks, bonds and commodities and also decide which trading platform you prefer. This broker is very safe as it complies with all financial guidelines set by the authorities in Europe. This means that all brokers are required to comply with these regulations. Overall, Degiro is an excellent broker if you want to
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