The PEL or housing savings plan is a banking product that is increasingly in demand, as it allows people who take advantage of it to benefit from interesting conditions after a certain period of time in order to borrow money for a property project.

The purpose of these savings is to help the household in question to build up a deposit, initially, while at the same time opening up rights to particularly attractive interest rates for borrowing to buy a flat or a house as a result of these savings.

A product that requires a certain amount of dedication

In terms of PELThere are rules to respect, and the contributions must be monthly, and equivalent to at least €150 for the savings to be set up in good conditions.

This is a necessity, one of the obligations of this type of saving.

And it's worth making a few efforts, knowing that afterwards you will have at your disposal a contribution that can, for example, pay the notary's fees, while benefiting from a loan at a very competitive rate, a good way to make a good real estate transaction.

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