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The application for a contractual termination of employment can hold many surprises. This is why several elements must be taken into account. This is an important moment in the life of an employee: he or she wants to leave the company where he or she is, and wants to negotiate his or her departure in the best possible way. To do this, there are mistakes should not be madeThis may be very disappointing.

Prefer oral to written

Contractual termination It is true that in the business world, it is required to have as many traces as possible, especially written traces. This is not the case for the conventional termination of a permanent contract. If you do so in writing, the contractual termination may be invalidated or the bonuses and compensation reduced.

To succeed in getting the employer's agreement, it is necessary to be clever and cunning. Why? For the employer, if you want to leave the company, you resign. But in the same case, you give up your unemployment and Pôle Emploi benefits. The "rupture conventionnelle", as a reminder, allows you to leave a company while receiving unemployment benefits. To increase your chances of getting an interview, ask for an oral interview. During this interview, while using thoughtful words, tell him/her about your wish to leave the company.

The employer can legally refuse

An employer is not obliged to accept the conventional rupture. Neither the employer nor the employee should impose a conventional rupture on the other.

It is not advisable to request a conventional termination by e-mail or in writing. This may backfire on the employee if there is no defect in consent.

4 steps to successfully negotiate your contractual termination

To have every chance of having your contractual termination accepted, here are 4 steps that we share with you:

  • You should prepare well for the interview. After defining the ideal date for the end of the contract, you will have to look for possible questions that the employer may ask you. Rather than finding specific answers, talk about how unhappy you are and what negative aspects of the job you do every day.
  • Remain cordial and do not reproach the employer. He might say to you "since that's the way it is, why don't you resign". Another possibility is to find a solution with the employee with whom you have a problem.
  • Explain why your professional demotivation can be a hindrance for both you and the employer. He will understand the common interest he has in accepting a conventional termination. Then talk about the various financial consequences this will have.
  • To show your dedication to the end, make it clear who you think has the ability to take over the job you are doing.

These four steps are valuable tips. They are effective in the context of a contractual termination. It is not a pleasant time, although the feeling of freedom is there for many people.

What if you became self-employed?

Breaking This contractual termination may have inoculated you from the world of employees and you are looking for a new way to develop your professional career. There are now several possibilities that could help you.

  • The business start-up is available to all former employees who can be supported in the development of the structure.
  • If you are resistant to all approaches, the field of telemarketing is very interesting thanks to JobPhoning that simplifies your life.
  • You must also be self-employed, for example as a telemarketer.

You apply the rates you want and above all you progress at your own pace. You will no longer have unbearable constraints from the management that tended to stress you. Freelancers have a secure marketplace at their disposal that takes care of the entire relationship with their future clients. At the same time, companies also have a real interest in working with this teleprospecting platform, as it allows them to develop their clientele by subcontracting the prospecting.

With this format, all profiles are satisfied and you will no longer have to write a contractual termination agreement as you will be self-employed and your life could really change overnight.

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