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Freelance administration is a solution that allows you to work as a freelancer while enjoying the advantages of employee status.

Freelance administration is a way of organising work that allows a self-employed professional to develop his or her activity in complete autonomy. This status allows them to carry out a professional activity while maintaining their status as an employee.

Freelance administration is a special form of employment contract which allows a self-employed professional to carry out a professional activity under the responsibility of a freelance administration company in return for remuneration.

What is freelance administration?

Thewage portageis an employment contract between a client company, the portage company and the ported employee.

It is based on a simple principle: it is the umbrella company that concludes the contract with the client company and then manages the contractual relationship with its umbrella employee.

Thewage portagehas advantages for both the employee and the employer:

  • The status of the self-employed
  • Tax benefits (tax reduction or credit)
  • Social security


How does freelance administration work?

Thewage portageis a legal status that allows a professional to operate independently without having to set up his or her own company.

Thewage portageis intended to meet the needs of professionals who wish to exercise their profession in complete autonomy, without the constraints associated with the operation of a traditional company. Indeed, when a professional wishes to carry out an activity as a self-employed person, he or she must take a certain number of administrative steps and opt for the appropriate legal status (EURL or SARL for example). In addition, he/she must also create his/her own legal structure (sole proprietorship), which implies the subscription to different costs related to the administrative and accounting management of this activity: establishment of customer invoices, keeping of a journal of receipts and expenses, etc. Moreover, when the professional decides to change activity or professional environment (for example from employee to self-employed status), he/she must give up his/her current job.

He will then have to find a new legal structure so that his new activity can be carried out legally.

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Thewage portageis therefore an interesting solution for people who want to be self-employed without having to set up their own company.

It is therefore an alternative form to the classic status of the individual worker: entrepreneurship.

Advantages and disadvantages of freelance administration

Thewage portageis a system that allows self-employed people to benefit from security and a certain level of social protection. However, it is important to know that thewage portageThere are also disadvantages, starting with taxation. Indeed, when you are a freelancer, you do not contribute to your pension and unemployment benefits.

This means that you cannot benefit from social security coverage or even receive a replacement income if you are made redundant or lose your job.

It should also be noted that the costs ofwage portagecan be very high. While some are fixed (commissions paid to the portage company), others are variable (professional expenses).

Variable costs can be a significant cost for the self-employed:

  • Business expenses: office maintenance, business travel
  • Ancillary costs: office supplies, hotel and catering costs


Is freelance administration a solution for freelancers?

Thewage portageis an alternative to setting up a company for self-employed people. Indeed, this new form of work allows freelancers to benefit from the advantages of salaried employment while maintaining their independence and freedom.

Thewage portageprovides a legal framework that allows the self-employed to invoice their services, while being covered by unemployment insurance.

The individual can also develop his or her professional network.

Client companies will thus have the assurance that their projects will be carried out by a competent and experienced professional. In this context, some portage companies have specialised in IT services or intellectual activities such as training or HR consultancy, such as ITG or Cadres en Mission.

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10 things to know about freelance administration

Thewage portageis a form of employment that allows you to work autonomously for one-off or regular assignments. If you want to start a business, freelancing can be a good solution.

Thewage portageallows you to work as a self-employed person, but with the advantages of an employee. This status has many advantages and does not require any particular knowledge to be set up. However, it is important to take a few precautions when starting this activity in order to limit the risks involved in setting up a business.

  • Ensure that your project meets the criteria for portage
  • Use a specialised organisation
  • Sign a contract with the client and notify the client of the duration and amount of the fee

definition of portage salarial

How to use freelance administration

Thewage portageis a solution that offers many advantages.

In particular, it allows you to be both self-employed and have the status of an employee. It is an excellent way for people who want to develop a professional activity without taking the risk of investing in a competitive market.

Thewage portageallows you to work for a limited period of time, for example several hours or days a week.

You are free to decide how much time you want to devote to your project and your assignments. If your status does not suit you, there is nothing to stop you changing it during the current financial year. By choosing this option, you can also be supported on the recruitment and customer relations side (as part of the services offered). In addition, thanks to freelance administration, you will have access to various social benefits: health, maternity and disability insurance, supplementary pension (ARRCO), supplementary pension (AGIRC), paid holidays, etc. Your accounts will be managed by the AD'Missions group, which will also take care of paying the compulsory social security contributions to the relevant bodies. Furthermore, if you opt for this type of contract, it is important to know that the costs related to recruitment are fully covered by the AD'Missions group so that the costs inherent in the activity are reduced as much as possible.

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All about freelance administration

With the employment contract, the entrepreneur is bound to the project owner by a service contract which specifies the mission and the price.

The employee is then paid on a commission basis on the sales made. This type of work offers advantages to companies and entrepreneurs:

  • High flexibility
  • Saving time
  • An increase in turnover


Freelance administration, a fashionable status

Thewage portageis an increasingly popular solution for self-employed people. This form of employment allows people to work on their own account, while having a legal and social status that facilitates day-to-day administrative management.

Thewage portageis generally associated with the benefit of a classic employment contract, but it also exists in a new form: real estate portage. This type of portage allows real estate agents or real estate service professionals (architects, notaries, etc.) to carry out their own projects without having to create a company to carry out their activity. It is therefore a status that offers the advantage of being flexible and adaptable to the needs and desires of the professional concerned.

The benefits ofwage portagefor the estate agent? By working as a freelance real estate agent, you have the same rights as a traditional employee: social security contributions, health, maternity, disability and death insurance, unemployment insurance, etc. You also have access to training to acquire new skills. If you wish to resign to join another employer, your former employer must respect certain rules regarding your employment contract.

Freelance administration is an alternative to setting up a company, which allows you to test a project without taking risks. Freelance administration is a solution for people who want to test a project without taking risks. This formula allows the consultant or freelancer to work as an employee for a client company.

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