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Credit repurchase is an option that allows you to combine and have all your other accounts (bank loans) under the name of a single account in a single bank. Indeed, this concept offers its followers various advantages. However, it should not be forgotten that there are also disadvantages, which should not be ignored. This article addresses both of these points.

The advantages of buying back credit :

If a person tends to do a credit repurchase it is because this option contains several advantages, among them there are:

  • Simplification The primary purpose of a credit repurchase is to combine all your loans under one contract and one account. This is considered to simplify the management of your various loans.
  • Debt Credit repurchase allows you to lower your debt ratio. In addition to this, buying back credit allows you to save money because you only have one account that brings everything together instead of having several spread out.
  • Insurance Credit repurchase allows you to reduce the price of insurance because you only have one loan and you only need one insurance policy to cover it all.
  • Over-indebtedness Credit repurchase allows you to foresee a situation of over-indebtedness and thus avoid it by rearranging the situation in order to make the most of it.

The disadvantages of buying back credit :

It is true that the advantages offered by credit repurchase are very interesting, but it is necessary to take into account the disadvantages that exist before embarking on this type of procedure and signing a contract. Here are some of them disadvantages of credit repurchase :

  • The total cost Credit repurchase increases the total cost because the period in which you repay your loans is lengthened, which increases the price.
  • The costs This is a 'hidden' disadvantage as it is often included in the contract. However, your wallet can feel it! There are therefore fees for early repayment (property loans and consumer loans with fairly high interest rates), fees for brokerage (credit repurchase can be up to 5 %), file fees (for opening an account), guarantee fees (in the case of a new loan following the mortgage of your property).
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Before buying credit, try the simulation to find out the costs and benefits


Buying back credit has many advantages when interest rates are low for housing. Many French people have made a habit of renegotiating their home loan with their bank in order to make substantial savings.

In many Aspects, buying back credit remains an excellent operation that must be anticipated beforehand. Indeed, credit simulation appears to be a precautionary principle. This is why opting for for example in ferrets to the credit simulation is a good thing. First, there is a personal guidance and a fair estimate of the credit reduction.

Then, for a quick simulationThe first submission via the simulator is free of charge. This gives the customer an initial indication of potential savings with a new loan.

If the first credit simulation offers real savings for a credit repurchase, it is better to start negotiations as soon as possible. On the one hand, because the purchasing power available to the individual will be greater. Secondly, the monthly burden of the new loan allows the individual to better distribute his budget for other expenses.

Even so, it should not be forgotten that buying back credit involves immediate costs to be borne: application fees, costs of buying back credit in advance. In the immediate future, there will be consequences for this decision to buy back credit. This is why, the first stage of the simulation remains a must to weigh up the pros and cons.

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Credit repurchase: patience before signing the new loan


The credit repurchase obtained with the simulator at Les Furets gives an indication of the savings made. However, care must be taken to review the contract with the bank on the new loan to be taken out. Since additional costs apply immediately. So you have to ask yourself whether the household is a winner in the short term.

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