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La Banque Postale was established in its current form in 2006. It offers a wide range of banking services at competitive prices.

Presentation of the postal bank

The first financial services of the post office began more than two centuries ago, but it was mainly between the 1960s and the 1980s that the post office began to develop financial products in its own right. However, it struggled to compete because of the inability to offer certain products to its customers as a state-owned enterprise. With some changes in legislation, the post office was able to give birth to the Banque Postale in 2006, which offers similar products to those of the competition while remaining a public institution.

Postal bank products

One of the main advantages of the postal bank is its extensive distribution network, which extends over 17,000 points of contact. It is also possible to carry out a number of operations online, such as checking your balance and filling in forms to take out a loan. In addition, here are some of the products offered:

Bank cards and bank accounts

La Banque Postale offers fairly low account maintenance fees 1 (although many online banks do not charge account maintenance fees). Bank card fees are also lower than those of the competition. For example, the Visa Premier card costs €75 in the first year.

Real estate credit

The postal bank offers different terms and conditions depending on the borrower's profile. It is thus possible to take out a ordinary loan but also a so-called depreciable bullet loanThis is a loan for which you initially pay only the interest and then pay back the capital at a certain point in time. The rates are not the lowest on the market but they are reasonable.

Consumer credit

Consumer loans have a high rather attractive interest rates and offer flexibility as it is possible to rearrange the monthly payments. The application fee is 0.5% of the amount borrowed up to a limit of 120 euros. The postal bank offers different types of consumer credit depending on the project financed:

  • A car loan: the maximum amount you can borrow is 75,000 euros over 7 years. It is possible to finance a car but also a motorbike or a boat. The terms of the loan depend on the type of vehicle and the borrower's profile.
  • A works loan: the amount borrowed can be up to €21500 and the loan period is between 1 and 6 years.
  • A personal loan: this loan is targeted at renovation work. It is possible to borrow up to 75,000 euros for a repayment period of up to 12 years.

Savings and investment products

The postal bank's range of savings products is fairly comprehensive. As regards life insurance, two types are offered, a classic life insurance (Vivaccio) and another one that can be adjusted to one's desires (Cachemire 2).

Real estate loan and Pinel law in Marseille ?

Is La Banque Postale able to offer you a property loan if you want to invest in a property? You should know that if you are a first-time buyer, you can find out beforehand about a zero interest loan. You can then supplement it with other loans. However, this loan is only granted to you if you buy a property to make it your main residence. It does not work if you rent your property. However, you should know that if you invest via the Pinel law in Marseille and other cities benefiting from this scheme, the banks will follow you much more easily. You can go through a broker who will negotiate the best loan rate for you, as well as the loan insurance. As far as the Pinel law is concerned, there are many advantages. You can see them here

This will allow you to create wealth or prepare for your retirement, while providing a housing solution for people living in areas that are in need. The tax reduction can reach 21%, or a maximum of 63,000 euros, if you let your property for 12 years. Of course, you will have to meet resource criteria, as will your tenants. But don't worry, because the ceilings are quite high. The rent is also regulated. In Marseille, the maximum rent is €12.95 per m². This means that you can rent a 70 m² flat for 1200 euros. The couple renting this flat without children must have a maximum income of 57,146 euros. As you can see, this is quite a lot. You should find a tenant quite easily.

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