Which formula should you choose in your online bank?

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It is not always easy to find your way around the world of online banks. As you will read on https://www.choisir1banque.fr/banque-en-ligne/In order to choose the right one, you will of course have to take into account the prices charged. But you should also see according to the services offered.

For example, if you frequently cash cheques, it may be worthwhile to be able to deposit them in a city bank of the same banking group rather than have to send them by post. You would avoid the cost of stamps and also reduce the risk of lost cheques.

To celebrate the opening of your account, some online banks will give you three months free. This means that you will not pay your account maintenance fees for the first quarter. Or your bank card will be offered to you for a certain period. Any saving is always good to take!

Services offered by your bank

As far as the bank card is concerned, there are various options available to you. You can choose between immediate payment, deferred payment with no extra charge or blocked bank card. Here your payment will be refused when your bank account is overdrawn. This is a way to avoid overdraft charges.

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