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You must have heard of the online banks ?

Online banks are those fully dematerialised banks that are shaking up the financial market.

In any case, in all matters of finance and management for individuals,

We'll tell you more about it below, in particular to tell you about the advantages of using an online banking comparison.

Online banking comparison: find your cheapest bank

If you are on a tight budget and find that you are spending far too much money on bank charges that are all the more unjustified because other banks charge little or nothing, it's time to change banks.

The revolution of the moment, of the last few years to be exact, is internet banking where everything is virtual.

You chat with your bank advisor, you need to block your account, make a transfer or anything else, everything is done from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Ultra-convenient.

But of course, to deposit a cheque you have to go through a partner bank, etc.

But the prices are really lower, so it's up to you to see if this is a good solution for you or not.

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