Online banking: what are its advantages?

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There are more and more of online banks in France and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find your way around. If the rates are low for all these players, a few points such as the mobile applications and the services offered make the difference.

What are the specificities of online banks?

An online bank is a bank that does not interact with its customers in a physical branch but where everything takes place on the internet. The employees are all gathered in one place to meet the demands of the customers.

The tariffs proposed by this kind of bank are virtually unbeatable, especially in terms of account fees. These banks also offer very attractive savings products. In addition, the customer benefits from a great flexibility in the management of his account. They can access their personal space wherever they are and most of the time on different media. In addition, new subscribers sometimes benefit from advantages and the bank card is usually free. It should be noted that most online banks do not require domiciliation of income unlike most conventional banks.

The conditions for opening an account are becoming more flexible. Whereas many banks used to impose a minimum income or a minimum amount for the first payment, a growing number of them are accepting customers without income requirements. This is notably the case with Boursorama and Revolut.

How to compare online banks?

  • Account maintenance fees: these fees are non-existent at a large number of online banks (notably Boursorama and Fortuneo). Some banks, such as Monabanq, charge very low fees (24 euros/year for).
  • The quality of the mobile application: according to the opinions of several experts, Hello Bank, N26 and Orange Bank offer the best mobile applications.
  • Contactless payment: this service has not yet been extended to all online banks. N26, Fortuneo and Hello Bank are some of the banks that offer it.
  • Customer service: it is best to go for a responsive customer service that is available at the times you are available.
  • Credit terms: Hello Bank is one of the online banks with the most favourable home loan terms. On the other hand, some banks are lagging far behind in terms of loans. For example, some banks do not offer personal loans, such as Fortuneo and ING Direct. Monabanq does not offer the possibility of borrowing for a property project.
  • Welcome gifts: even if this aspect should not overshadow the other services of the bank, it can be a plus. It is possible to receive 80 euros for opening an account with Hello Bank or Fortuneo, for example. Some banks even offer more than 100 euros.

How to choose the best online bank?

When you want to open a bank account, you will be spoilt for choice. Today there are traditional banks, but also online banks that have come to compete with the historical players and boost the market. For your account opening, you want to find the best online bank that will best meet your expectations. Discover the different online banks available on the market and which one will be able to satisfy you fully

Choosing the best online bank

In order to find an online bank, it is essential to find out more before joining an online bank. In fact, if you want to find out more and find a competitive online bank, just find the best bank with If you want to compare the different offers of online banks, then you can visit this site. To find the best online bank, it is essential to take into account certain elements, which are a guarantee of the quality of the offer proposed. Firstly, you can compare the different tariffs and account maintenance fees. Most of the time, they are low. Other points should also be borne in mind. To find out which bank to chooseIt is important to know the quality of the mobile application. The more intuitive and comprehensive the application, the better your banking experience will be. In addition, if you have a problem with your account or want to reach an advisor quickly, opt for a responsive and easily reachable customer service to avoid unpleasant surprises. To find the best online bank, you can then consult reviews and comparisons to make up your mind. The best online bank is the one that best meets your expectations.

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