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You want to buy a property that you will then rent? This is an excellent idea! Do you know that it is more than ever the time since you will have the possibility of benefiting from a tax reduction (i.e. a tax exemption) thanks to the pinel law ?

You can learn more about this topic below.

Pinel Law: essential advice

If you want to buy to rent, then choose a BBC housing (which meets environmental and ecological criteria) in a large city and set a moderate rent, you will be able to benefit from a tax reduction of 18% per year.

This new tax system is really interesting for those who want to better invest and place their savings.

In short, the Pinel law, like many others, is a really clever device to encourage people to buy new low-energy consumption properties to rent to middle-income families in areas with high rental demand.

For you, it's a win-win situation: you are partially tax-free, you become a homeowner and you have an additional income each month. In short, what are you waiting for to get started with the Pinel law?

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