Defiscalize me: What you need to know to lower your taxes

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Have you ever heard of tax exemption? Tax exemption is the fact of optimizing your income. In concrete terms, how does it work? It's simple, you simply have to use what we call tax arrangements. Indeed, individuals do not always know it but there are ways to invest their money and declare their income to pay less income tax.

Be careful, do not confuse tax optimization with tax evasion. It is a form of optimization, always within the law, to allow you to pay as little tax as possible.

Tax exemption and tax optimization

The simplest advice you can take away is that often we think that only individuals who are business owners and have a lot of money use this type of process but in fact that is not the case at all.

It is for this reason that we recommend you to consult the following website: It is a site that allows you to have access to a simulator that will allow you to get a first idea (non-contractual, of course) of the optimization of your taxes that you can do. The idea? It is that you will try to better invest your money and to lower the amount of your taxes by having knowledge of small simple tricks, after a tax simulation. For example, it is well known (it is a classic) that works of art are tax exempt.

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