What is Degiro and how can it help you save money in the long run?

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The idea of investing money is simple, but the process can be complicated. For example, there are many different types of investments, and not all of them are right for you. The answer is simple: go through trusted intermediaries or institutions that buy and sell securities for a fee. This process is called brokerage, and it's an important step before you invest your money. Until recently, investing was mostly reserved for the wealthy.
But today, thanks to the rise of online investment platforms, investing has become easier than ever. The best way to find the right investments for your money is to get advice from professionals - that's what online brokers like Degiro do.
Degiro operates through an intermediary (an intermediary is a third party broker who connects you with different financial institutions). This means that you do not need to contact individual companies to invest in their shares. Instead, you can buy their shares through a broker like Degiro.
What is Degiro?
Degiro is a broker based in the Netherlands, which allows you to invest your money in stocks and shares. For example, you can buy shares in a company, thereby increasing its value; you can also sell your shares, thereby making a profit. Once you register with a broker like Degiro, you can start buying and selling stocks, bonds, commodities and more.
The broker buys and sells shares on your behalf and charges a commission. This fee is usually around 0.25 %. To open an account with Degiro, you will need to provide them with your name, email address, date of birth and bank details. This information is used to transfer money to your account.

How does Degiro work?

Once you have registered with Degiro, you can start investing. First, you need to choose a broker. To do this, you can search by name or price and then choose the broker that suits you. Once you have chosen a broker, you can start trading stocks, ETFs, ETNs, commodities, etc. This is where the broker's services come in: buying and selling stocks on your behalf.

How much can you save with Degiro?

Investing with Degiro can help you save money, but it all depends on your investment strategy. Let's say you want to invest €2,000 and you earn 6 % per year on your money. If you invest in a normal brokerage account, you will have to pay €24 per year. By investing with Degiro, you will only have to give them €2.25 (you will also have to pay taxes on your investment). After one year you will have saved €2,000.

Disadvantages of Degiro

Like any investment, Degiro comes at a price. The risks associated with investing online are higher than visiting a broker in person. You can never be sure at 100% that you will get the best price for any investment you make, or that your money will be kept safe. You should also keep in mind that you cannot buy shares in a company you know personally, such as a friend's or relative's company. Investors should also be prepared for possible declines in stock prices. While many investment platforms offer hedging options, you should never depend on them entirely.

Is Degiro safe?

Most brokers, including Degiro, are regulated. This means that they are subject to strict rules and regulations and are licensed by FINTRAC, Canada's financial intelligence agency. In Canada, FINTRAC has classified Degiro as a "trusted" broker. This means that you can invest safely with Degiro. You can also rest easy knowing that your money is protected.

Final word: Should you use Degiro?

While it takes some effort to manage your investments, Degiro makes it easier than ever. First, you don't need to know much about investing to use the services of this broker. Second, Degiro offers a wide range of investment options. This gives you more options to save money, whether it's through stocks, bonds or a money market fund. If you are looking to invest in the stock market, Degiro is a great option. You can buy and sell stocks using an intermediary like Degiro.
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