How do you handle an accident with your car insurance?

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When you are the victim of a car accident, it is important to understand the steps to follow in order to be compensated. Indeed, thehe car insurance can cover different types of claims Theft, glass breakage, fire, vandalism or road accident.

In this article we will look at how an accident compensation procedure works with your car insurance.

What to do if you have an accident with your car insurance?

When you have an accident, you should contact your insurer.

You can ask him to settle the claim out of court, or to call in an expert in the case of a serious accident. If the damage is significant, it is preferable to entrust this task to an independent expert. Indeed, the expertise allows you to have the elements in hand to negotiate with your insurance company and obtain the best possible compensation.

It is important that the driver be considered responsible for the loss if he or she is injured in the accident. If this is not enough, a specific contract can cover the medical and hospitalization costs related to driving the vehicle. You should know that there are optional guarantees that sometimes cover certain risks (tire damage, theft, etc.). If you are responsible for an accident and the damage is significant, it is advisable to keep all the evidence of the damage (photos) in order to be able to contest the amount paid by your car insurance later.

If you have an accident, what should you do?

If you have an accident, what should you do? In the event of an accident, damage to your car will not be covered by auto insurance.

Therefore, you need to find a solution to insure the civil liability of your vehicle. This insurance is usually included in car insurancebut it can be a separate policy.

When you buy a new car, it should be insured as a new car, not as a passenger in your own car.

The insurance company may refuse to pay for damage that occurred on the way from your home to the garage or gas station where you parked your car.

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Your insurer may also refuse to pay if the person who caused the damage was a casual driver or was driving without a valid license.

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What happens if you have an accident with your car insurance?

To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is important to understand how car insurance works. First of all, it is important to know that all motorized land vehicles with a maximum design speed of more than 25 km/h are subject to compulsory insurance.

The insurance obligation does not apply to cars that are left in the garage. Secondly, when you buy a new car, it will come with a mandatory car insurance for a minimum of 12 months. Otherwise, as the new owner of the car, you are obliged to take out a car insurance policy before its first use. If your car is more than 4 years old and has not been insured for more than 30 days at the time of purchase, or if it has not been insured for longer than that (1 year), depending on the situation, the associated contract may be considered terminated and a new one must be purchased.

The main driver must always be insured. However, if this is not the case (in the case of family insurance), it will be possible to add additional persons. If one of the occupants of the vehicle designates a young driver as the main driver, who is usually uninsured, he/she must prove that he/she has personal insurance covering his/her civil liability in case of an at-fault accident.

What should you do when you have an accident with your car insurance?

Answering your questions, even the toughest ones! Why get compensation for a car accident? As soon as you are involved in an accident, and subject to the specific provisions of your car insurance contract, you have the right to receive compensation for the costs related to this accident. What are the steps to take in case of an accident? It is important to know that the joint report is mandatory if you are responsible for the accident.

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Your insurer must also be responsible for reporting the accident and the other party for compensation. In some cases, it may also be necessary to initiate an expertise in order to determine the responsibility of the driver involved. Indeed, your insurer may not cover the costs related to an accident if you cannot prove that it was caused by another driver or if this driver was not insured at the time of the accident (which will be the case in particular in the event of a traffic violation).

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When you have been the victim of a car accident, it is important to fill out an accident report with all the parties involved (other drivers involved and/or any person present at the scene) and then send it to your insurer. However, you should know that even if this step is mandatory to obtain compensation following a car accident, it is not always sufficient to win your case with the insurance companies.

What are the procedures to follow in case of an accident with your car insurance?

When you are the victim of a road accident, you are entitled to compensation from your insurer. However, in order to claim this compensation, you must be considered a third party to the accident. If this is not the case, you will not be compensated. Indeed, even though car insurance is mandatory in France and covers damages caused by a motorist to other road users, it does not cover accidents between drivers. For example, if a motorist causes an accident with his own vehicle and it is insured with a third party policy (which is often the case), he will not be compensated by his car insurance. In order to be compensated for this type of accident, you must be able to prove your responsibility or that of the other driver.

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The way in which you can prove your responsibility can vary depending on the circumstances of the accident: If you are not directly or indirectly involved in the accident (for example, if you are behind the other driver), it means that there was a collision between several cars and that each of the parties must assume their own responsibility and repair the damage caused to their vehicle. In this type of situation, each of the drivers will have to make use of their car insurance so that they can be compensated respectively for the totality of the damage suffered on their respective cars (broken body and/or windows). But be careful, because not all car insurances offer "collision" coverage! Parfo

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What steps should be taken in the event of an accident with your car insurance?

In the event of a car accident, car insurance is mandatory. If you are in an accident and the other driver is at fault, it can have dramatic consequences for your car insurance. If you are at fault for the accident, you may be required to pay for all or part of the repairs to the damage caused by the accident.

It is also important to pay attention to the deductibles applied by insurance contracts at the time of an accident.

It is important to know what benefits are covered and what are not.

The deductible determines how much the claim is estimated to cost in the event of an accident, but it does not always cover everything on the insured vehicle (e.g. flat tires). In fact, some insurance policies include a mileage deductible that limits coverage to accidents that occur up to a certain number of miles from home.

Check the terms and conditions of the contract before choosing your car insurance!

You must make an accident declaration to your insurer. He will give you a joint report. It is important to fill it out properly and send it to your insurance company within 5 working days following the accident.

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