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Sending money to another person or business is as easy as sending an email, right? It isn't. Transferring money is more complicated than that. If you're sending money to someone, you want it to be there and to arrive at its intended destination as easily as possible.
So how do you cancel a wire transfer? If you sent money to the wrong recipient or it is destined for the wrong place, how can you cancel a wire transfer? Even if you sent the right amount at the right time, if your wire transfer didn't go through, you can cancel it. Cancelling a wire transfer is easier than you think. Here's how to do it.

What is a bank transfer?

A wire transfer is when you use your bank or financial institution to transfer money from one account to another. It is a simple way to transfer money from one person's account to another's. A wire transfer is a type of electronic funds transfer. It is generally used to transfer funds within a country or between countries in the same region.
This article is about cancelling wire transfers and how to make the most of each step. You should not cancel in any other way, such as using a paper form or calling your bank. You may cause more confusion and delay.

How to cancel a bank transfer?

The first step is to find and cancel the transfer. Start by finding the transfer in your bank's system.
You can find this information by logging into your account and looking at the details of the transfer you want to reverse. Once you know the details of the transaction, cancel it. This can be done in three steps: inform the sender, the receiver and the bank.

How do I find your bank's transfer cancellation code?

First, find your bank's wire transfer cancellation code. Most banks offer these codes online, but you can also find them by calling your bank or asking the person who transferred the money to you.
If you have a smartphone, log into your account and look at the details of the transfer you want to cancel.
You can also find the details by searching the app. If you don't see the transaction details, scroll up and try again. Read the steps below to cancel the transfer using the app.
- Find the transfer you want to cancel in your application.
- Press the menu icon in the upper right corner of the application.
- Press "Transfers".
- Press the "Cancel Transfer" option at the top of the screen.

How do I confirm the cancellation?

Then confirm the cancellation. This step is important, so don't skip it. When you cancel a transfer, the money stays with the bank that sent it. The bank keeps track of this money, and if you don't confirm the cancellation, the bank will keep the money and send it to the person who sent the transfer.
To confirm the cancellation, log in to your bank account and view the details of the cancelled transfer. The cancellation will not be confirmed if you do not do so. If the transfer has already been processed, you will have to wait until it is processed again.

Last word: protect yourself against fraud

If you have questions about your transfer, call your bank. If you can't get through, call your bank's customer service number and explain the problem. When dealing with a bank, make sure you talk to someone who knows about bank transfers.
You also want to talk to someone who can reverse a wire transfer. If possible, keep track of the people who take your money. Find their name and contact information, write it down and keep it in a safe place. That way, you will be able to find the person and trace the transfer if you need to.
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