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Tax exemption designates a set of legal procedures that allow lower taxes. This concerns investments in several areas such as art and real estate. In other words, the tax exemption allows a tax rebate against the investment of a sum of money in the purchase of a property. These advantages were created to encourage investment, especially in certain neglected sectors, to preserve a country's heritage, or to help the population in the midst of a housing crisis.

The areas affected by tax exemption:

With these laws, the State's main objective is to to encourage investment, but in defined and targeted areas. That said, you can only de-tax in the following areas:

  • Real Estate
  • The art
  • The vine
  • The environment.

The various processes of defiscalisation :

Even if the tax exemption allows for a tax rebateit is important to see in priority the counterpart of this fact which is the investment. And therefore, as in any investment, you must have a strategy that can allow you to earn the maximum and build your wealth. Here are some of the procedures proposed in relation to different laws that condition tax exemption:

  • Reduce taxes by a specific percentage of the amount invested in a new property purchase.
  • Reduce taxes based on the amount invested in degraded areas.
  • Reduce taxes by investing your money in historical monuments.
  • Reduce taxes by investing your money in tourism, EHPAD or university resources.
  • Reduce taxes by investing your money in a forestry group.
  • Reduce taxes by investing your money in film production.
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The pitfalls of tax exemption:

Although tax exemption is presented in an attractive way, it is primarily about a long-term investment which aims to improve its comfort and to constitute its heritage.

This process can sometimes have some pitfalls that are difficult to detect for a novice investor. That's why we offer you some advice to consider before any investment process:

  • Choosing the right device
  • Plotting your project according to your capital
  • Choosing a suitable property
  • Develop a good financial strategy
  • Prepare your exit plan well.

Whatever your plan or vision, real estate has always been a sure thing. And so, among all the fields, real estate investment is to be encouraged and remains the favorite among all populations. And with tax exemption, we can only win. In this case, it is necessary to think about making as much money as possible, using a a good strategy adapted to the resources.

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