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Monabanq is a new online bank created by the Credit Mutuel. It offers its customers 2 euros each month as well as many quality services and amazing products. At Monabanq you will benefit from a sum of 120 euros just by opening an account.

What makes Monabanq different from other online banks?

Monabaq is one of the best online banks at the moment. The founders of this bank have thought of everything and everyone. It has solved all the problems that we encounter with other online banks, discover the advantages here:

  • Open an account with no strings attached At Monabanq, you can open a bank account no income, savings or even payment requirements. Thus this bank is intended for unemployed, students, micro-entrepreneurs and intermediaries and all those who cannot cover the costs of opening a bank account elsewhere.
  • If you pour 24 euros year on your Monabanq account you will have a VISA international carde and 40 other very interesting services. You have access to the "Visa Premier" card unconditionally of income for 60 euros per year.
  • Unlike other online banks, Monabanq's bank card insurance will also protect you and your family
  • Coaching "and you Monabanq has set up a new coaching program called "et vous". It is an online personal coaching service. The customer will answer five questions asked by the server to receive very important advice. Whether you are unemployed, entrepreneurs, retirees or studentsthe bank will process your request whether it is learning, disability, dependency...etc.

Who can access this bank?

Monabanq is based on the criterion of accessibility to all, this is one of its first properties. In addition to people who can not cover the costs of registration and who do not have the profile required in other online banks, Monabanq has thought of the deaf and hard of hearing.

From now on, the deaf and hard of hearing can take advantage of all Monabanq's offers, thanks to the system DeaflineIt is a specialized system for customer services with sign language and also in writing.

This service is available every day of the week except the weekend. It is available from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm. The contact is established by cat or by webcam.

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